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The Composer Vladimir Komarov is one of the creators of the electroacoustic music Assotiation, a brilliant representative of this genre in Russia.

 Vladimir Komarov graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory of P.I.Chaikovsky in 1971, a composition class, headed by professor Nickolai Sidelnikov.

 Being a professional expert in the modern composer's technique, he becomes the author of many chamber-symphonic, choral and vocal compositions, each of them is significant by its particular individuality.

 The composer works much and successfully in the field of cinema. In 1996 Vladimir Komarov becomes a "NIKA" prize winner of the Russian Academy of cinematography arts.

 Having learned the electronic-computer technique, he creates a number of serious works, participating in them not only as a talented composer, but as a programmer, performer and sound engineer. From 1990 he is a member of the Internationel Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) under the UNESCO organisation.

 V.Komarov has been a participant of several electronic music concerts of the International music festival "Moscow autumn" and the International festival "Synthese" in Bourge (France) in 1990-1998.

 The compositions of Vladimir Komarov in the electronic-acoustic genre are original and arouse a great interest. It's not a simple technical experiment for the sake of experiment , but without any doubt these are really composer's works, full of deep emotions and having a definite philosophical conception.